Sabtu, 3 Jun 2017

Erectile dysfunction

Men often receive incorrect information about erectile dysfunction or ED and clandestine efforts to find the cause and cure. Understanding the facts about DE is an important factor in order to eliminate obstacles to find a cure.

In a survey titled Asia Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness (APSHOW), there are a number of myths about ED who still believe most men. In fact, this myth is not true. These myths.

1. Hard erection is a loss of interest in sex or infertile.
In fact, most men with erection difficulties still have the passion and desire to have an orgasm and ejaculate semen. Erectile difficulties associated with the ability to create or maintain an erection and did not mean to lose the desire to have sex.

2. Men are always willing and ready to have sex. Fact, this assumption is not entirely true. In real life, physical exhaustion or think hard about the job and the family can affect male arousal and sexual activity. Being in the right frame of mind is important in stimulating sexual response in men.

3. Erectile dysfunction affects only men. Fact this is not entirely true because women are also associated with the issue. That's because women can also feel the impact. The tendency to avoid sexual contact often leads to mate again feel unloved, unwanted and unattractive. Failure to communicate or know of problems could lead to depression and anxiety.

4. "A real man" can not be hard erection.
In fact, at one time, many men experience erection difficulties and maintain it. It is as you age, cultural attitudes, and habits and beliefs. Occasionally having poblem achieve or maintain an erection is not a problem. But if the problem continues, then it will affect your personal life.

5. Myth: seek help for hard erection problems include tests that embarrassing and uncomfortable. Fact, it is not so. The issue is better discussed in order to get the best solution. Some men find it difficult to discuss the problems faced,
especially problems related to sexual health. Erectile Difficulties
strongly associated with the culture of the potential, success, and
masculinity, which is often covered a culture of silence.

6. ED is a common problem in the aging process. Fact, erectile dysfunction should not be considered as normal for all men of any age. Even the more senior they may take longer to get aroused and may require physical stimulation, this does not mean they have erectile dysfunction.

7. DE "in the head". In fact, before known as impotence, ED is a taboo topic and a special study in the field of psychology. Although DE has penyabab psychological (eg anxiety, stress, guilt about sexual, fatigue, problems in relationships, feelings of the couple, and depression), is now known that about 80 problems a cause-related physical problems.

8. Erectile difficulties will pass. Fact, the issue of ED is a medical problem with a medical solution. Similarly, we must receive therapy to treat conditions such as hypertension, we also have to treat ED. If left untreated, ED can lead to psychological consequences, including feelings of shame, loss, or inferior.




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